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+ Alcatraz Tarot Salon- The Hierophant +

+ Alcatraz Tarot Salon- The Hierophant + Located at Alchemy Collective Cafe & Empress Vintage

June's tarot salon, June 22nd 7-9pm, will focus on the 5th Major Arcana- The Hierophant. A very complicated card, often only narrowly referenced in it's most negative potential, the Hierophant is the bridge, the window in the wall- or one who stands at the gate, charging for entry.

The most progressive Hierophant manifests as one who acts as a guide and liaison between worlds, one who carries and passes on the traditions of their people. They devote themselves to a path as a healer, a therapist, a spiritual mentor, etc, so they can assist in massive, mysterious questions and struggles of life.

The corrupt Hierophant is a ruthless, diabolical figure indeed. They manifest as those who abuse authority, exploit vulnerability and confusion to attain power and profit over those in need. The corrupt Hierophant maintains rigid, archaic paradigms that vilify and promote fear and hatred of anything outside of fundamentalist, state/church-controlled narratives. They claim they have the only "true" gateway to The Divine, and therefore are the only one with answers. They make a point to discredit, and at worst, eliminate those who challenge this status.

In this salon, we will deeply analyze and workshop controlled binary narratives, stagnant paradigms in society and self, traditions worth protecting, and how to elevate this force into courage, open-mindedness, and the ability to find the connection between seemingly opposing ideals. Will close with guided meditation by @_bone.head_ at @empress_vintage. Bring your cards, a notebook, and anything relevant to the Hierophant for the altar!


(Art from- Mary El Tarot, Aquarian Tarot, Shadowscapes Tarot, Wildwood Tarot, Dreamtimes Tarot, and the Royal Thai Tarot)