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Tarot Readings for PARTIES & EVENTS / Individual Sessions

Professional reader since 2007

Tarot readings are available by phone,

by appointment in the boutique and

for special events & parties.  

For rates and more information, email or call 510-542-6196.

UPCOMING Tarot CLASSES by The Tarot Woman will be held at EMPRESS VINTAGE!  

EMAIL EMPRESSVINTAGE@GMAIL.COM to find out about our classes and to SIGN UP! 

Available now:



*Corporate events & office parties – The Tarot Woman has read cards at many corporate events, from picnics to holiday parties to fundraisers to trade shows and industry events.

*Private Parties – Birthday parties, Holiday parties, Bridal showers, Baby showers and more!

*Tea & Tarot – A private party held in your home.  Invite a selection of friends, with each friend getting a 10-12 minute reading for $20 each!  No fee required.  Most tea and tarot parties are held on Sunday afternoons, but may be booked for other times.  Please inquire within for more information.

The Tarot Woman has 8 + years professional experience at parties/events.  Palm readers and multiple tarot readers available by request.  Previous events have varied from bridal showers, birthday parties, Halloween parties, Mardi Gras parties, corporate events/promotions, theme parties, music performances and more

The readings have taken place everywhere from bars, clubs, wineries, cafes, restaurants and boutiques to private homes, convention centers, healing seminars, performance venues and festivals.  The Tarot Woman travels throughout the Bay Area and beyond for your event!

Is there a theme for your event?  The Tarot Woman has a wealth of costumes to draw upon to match your event.

Rates vary per party/event, so please contact us for a quote!




A variety of spreads are available; including ‘general’, ‘specific question’, ‘yes or no’, ‘relationship’, ‘health’ and ‘chakra’ readings.  Also, ‘Celtic Cross’ and other spreads are available with the traditional Rider Waite-Smith deck.  Readings often begin with a general outlook through the Motherpeace deck and then move to a more detailed view with the Rider Waite-Smith.

If you live in the Bay Area, we can arrange an in person session BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Phone readings are available to those outside the area.  There is a possibility that The Tarot Woman may be traveling to your area, so please inquire within!


Janina Angel Bath began reading Tarot while living in Portland, OR. A psychic/healer friend handed her a deck and began to teach her intuitive divination. Fascinated with the cards, Angel found the Motherpeace deck and began to study on her own. Tarot reading quickly became a serious profession and she began to read at parties, shows and corporate events.

Her studies have continued in the Bay Area, where she took a class on the Rider-Waite Smith deck as well as studying on her own. Now she has developed personal clients and continues to read at many events throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Visit The Tarot Woman at Empress Vintage

1757 Alcatraz Ave.

Berkeley, CA  94703